Sunday, 30 March 2014

Run out .....

Finally got a chance to do some of my mystery quilt again tonight
Some of an infill strip, not quite finished.  But nearly
Until this happened

I've run out of thread.  No probs I think, got some more in my little box.............oh no, actually I don't.  Flip! 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


of a camera which no longer snaps!

it's been a good camera but given it's age (6 years) and cost of repair (at least £150) I think I may need to say bye bye to this beauty :(  But on the plus side this could mean I will HAVE to investigate the options for a new camera.  Oh the trauma.

Monday, 17 March 2014

A prize & a move

Every year there is a craft/hobby show in Glasgow in March and in October.  It's a good old mix of papercrafting of any description, some fabric crafts and anything else that is small and crafty, and very much aimed at the female market.

I've been going every now and again for years.  Some years are really good, some are less so.  I suppose it depends on if I have a particular project in mind or not.

This year I was in 2 minds whether or not to go, a friend at work was planning to go and I was thinking me and Moo could tag along.  But then it was ALL the way to Glasgow, on a Friday which is my full day off and kind of a freebie day.  So indecisiveness reigned.  Until I got some mail two days before we were considering going.  A hand written envelope, I rarely get mail that isn't some kind of bill these days, and it's even rarer to get a handwritten envelope!  But inside was this .....
In a moment of 'ah why not' I entered a competition in our local paper for a chance to win tickets and I won!  I think the last time I won anything like this I was 12.  It was a pink umbrella with matching head scarf from Mackay's (way, way before it was M&Co).

As for a move, my work has finally moved office.  It has been talked about for EVER (I thought I was going to be returning from mat leave last August to a new office) but as of last Monday we were actually in our new office.  So bye bye this place
and hello our new home
It's a change and it's taking a wee bit of getting used to but it's nice and bright and the building is maintained.  Somethings which our old building were beginning to lack!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Foto fiasco!!

We do not do good photos!  Point blank.  Attempting to get a half reasonable photograph is always a nightmare.  The Dude's nursery have asked for some photos - a baby one of him and a family photo.  Easier said than done when I'm generally the photographer at most family gatherings.  Like my Dad's 70th birthday meal last year - I was in charge of photos, so have photos of everyone else but none with me in them.  So I roped Granda in to be photographer, the results varied!

We went from the kids acting up (I have NO idea why Euan is giving the peace sign) and me talking to Pedro's lazy eye (which is only noticeable in photos!) making him look like he's half jaked!  We did get one or two which are ok (although Moo does look like she's about to dive off the couch!)

We'll eventually get a half decent family photograph, it may take years, but it will happen!!!