Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Buzzy Bee

Well we've been in our house just over 5 weeks now and finally all the boxes are unpacked (including my craft stuff).  We are still trying to find homes for some things and just the 'right' pieces of furniture for some rooms, including the convervatory which has the task of being a home office cum craft storage cum kids play room cum chill out space.  So not much to ask for one room eh?

But I'm very happy to say my mojo has returned! In an attempt to kick start my creativiness (yeah it's not a real word!) I took the plunge at the start of the month after reading an IG post by Lily's Quilts about the Siblings Together Euro bee and decided a) I've never taken part in a Bee before so meet new people, b) learn some new skills (mine are very basic!), c) take part in something which is about other people and making them feel better.  So this month's block was snail's trail, which is something I've never done before.  Like probably most of the blocks are we go on which is exciting and really nerve wracking at the same time!
I'm pleased with how they have turned out, but boy did they make my brain work.  Especially as I was sewing late at night.  A seam ripper was involved!  On more than one occasion too!!  This was my first attempt at a completed block. 
Not quite then intended result!

Having to look through all my fabric (my stash is very small - teeny, weeny in fact) I did come across a few things I forgot I had including all of these goodies.
 Now with halloween coming up and the couch looking bare of cushions I have a couple of ideas to put into practice.  I've had this material for about 5 years so no sense in it hiding away in a box any longer, cushions here we come.  Then I came across these little guys - half made into a mug rug.  Which again we need for the livingroom, in fact Pedro actually asked me to make 'some of those wee mug coaster things' so no more excuses needed.
I really need to mop the livingroom floor tonight but, well, one more night won't kill it.  Need to capitalise on my mojo when it's here is my thinking. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Big Changes

Well it's been a hectic few months!  Lots have happened since I last blogged in April (really!  Was it really April that I last hit the keyboard and wrote about my life??)

There's been a milestone birthday (not mine, a little person one, but hey turning 5 is a big deal in this house!), nursery was graduated from (seems a bit silly but it was important to the Dude), primary school has begun (big milestone in a little person's life) but the biggest change of all has been the moving of house!!  4 weeks ago.

The initial steps went really fast - way, way way back in May we sold our house within one week of putting it on the market.  Then over the next week our offer was accepted on our new house - then it dragged ...... and dragged ..... and dragged and eventually we moved in the middle of August.  It was beginning to feel like it was just a figment of my imagination.

We're still in the same town and still in roughly the same size of house, although now we have a conservatory (oooohhhh!) and actually we have a smaller garden but it's a much more child friendly garden and the size is easier to maintain.  So it's all good.  Really, really good. 
 This is the kiddies leaving the old house, I think Megan was quite happy to leave!!

And this is the 2 of them, quickly settled in to our new home, glued to the tv (I think it's Cbeebies so kinda educational!).  I don't have many pictures of the new house yet and the livingroom is already slightly different since this was taken as we've painted in preparation for our new suite which is due to be delivered on Friday. 

My sewing machine is still packed up in a box but it is coming out this week as I've got sewing commitments to get done.  But now I need to go and 'Meet the Teacher'!